Where is the Best Place to Take Family Pictures?

If you’re looking to get family photos made one question you might ask yourself is where is the best place to take family pictures? There is actually no wrong or right place to do so. And, a lot of it depends on what you’re looking to get out of the photos.

where to take family portraits in los angeles

Choosing a Location for Family Portraits is One Factor to Decide When Looking to Have Professional Family Portraits Made

Studio Portraits

Getting studio portraits made affords you a more polished look. You will usually get to select from solid backgrounds and this keeps the focus on your family rather than where you are. There are practically no external elements to worry about such as wind, rain, sun or clouds, that might impact overall quality.

There is also an opportunity for your chosen photographer to use high-quality studio strobe lighting. Paired with appropriate modifiers, studio lights can be made to provide truly flattering light on your skin compared with sunlight. So, if a polished look is what you’re after you should first consider studio portraits.

Portraits at Home

Another great location to consider is your own home. After all, what place is more comfortable to your family than home. Kids will be less likely to complain about wanting to go home, as they’re already home. You can take short breaks if the kids are becoming agitated.

If you choose home, make sure you discuss logistics with your photographer. If they are going to bring studio lights or flash, how much room your photographer will have is important. This doesn’t just include square footage to place the family and maneuver lights around them. It also includes ceiling height.

Shooting portraits at your own home also serves to add to your memories. Lots of us move and having photos of the kids at the previous home is a great way to remember the previous home, particularly if that home might have been where the kids were born into.

Portraits at the Beach, Etc.

Many times, families want photos taken at a nice location, such as the beach or a park. Using a scenic location can add a nice dramatic element to family portraits. But it can also be a distracting element. So, work with your photographer to consider location obstacles and advantages.

Remember that once you decide on having family portraits done outdoors that external factors can be out of your control. Fortunately, in Los Angeles the weather can be very cooperative. Still things like harsh sunlight can be unflattering and cause undesired eye squint. There are also certain times of the day that are better than others and this usually means right before sunset.

Family Portraits in Los Angeles

In cities like Los Angeles, you must also factor in that private property is usually off limits. For example, a popular place that some people have come to mind for family photos is the lights at LACMA. But if your photographer wishes to use more than just a camera, such as professional lighting, this location will not work. You’re likely to be run off by staff.

There are many photography-friendly locations to consider. Also, find out if your photographer has special permits to use certain beaches, parks and so on. This makes life easier not having to worry about being run off a location.

Having family portraits professionally made is a special occasion. You do it because you want to memorialize the family at that precise moment. With a little research and planning, the chosen location will help you and your photographer achieve the looks you’re after.

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