About the Photographer, Rafael

Hello. I’m Rafael and I provide a variety of professional portrait services throughout the greater Los Angeles area. My goal with every sessions I do is to provide you with a premium end-to-end experience and this includes giving you standout photos to cherish for a lifetime.

I was fortunate to turn a long love for photography into a professional photography service. I’ve been in love with photography since high school. I’ve been in business as a photographer since 2015.

I have other strong business experience. I previously held account executive and account manager roles at two of the top 10 largest worldwide public relations agencies, Ketchum and MSL – the Los Angeles offices. I earned a BA in Journalism, California State University, Northridge, and graduated with honors. I also served honorably in the US Air Force and California Air National Guard.

About LA Portrait Studio

LA Portrait Studio is located in Glendale, CA, and serves the greater Los Angeles area. The studio has various backgrounds, lighting and other options to essentially capture any portrait look you might be after.

While the studio provided premium options for portrait photography, Rafael also provides on-location portrait services. See rates for details.

  •  The studio is insured to meet Los Angeles County photography business requirements
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