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Los Angeles Portrait Photography

Welcome to the LA Portrait Studio website. Here you can learn more information about getting portraits done through this studio. This includes seeing portrait rates and more.

How Sessions Work

For all the sessions, we’ll take a certain number of photos, as shown on the rates page, for a set amount of time. You receive all the photos from the session without any retouching, but you also select a set number for retouching. Light retouching is to prep the chosen files for ideal print options.

Retouching can include fixing some stray hairs, dark shadows under eyes, red eyes, some acne or other temporary blemishes, and so on. This way you will look your best without altering your true look.

Family Photos

The kids aren’t getting any younger and smartphone snaps just don’t always cut it. So, come to the studio or have the studio photographer come to your location for a family portrait session. This can include bringing a mobile studio setup to you or meeting at a desired location. At the studio, you can select from a variety of background options.

Couples / Engagement Photos

Have a special someone in your life and you want to capture some moments with premium photography? LA Portrait Studio can help. You can visit the studio for a session here with various background and lighting options or we can meet at a desired or special location.

Maternity Photos

Your little bundle of joy is on the way and you want to professionally memorialize the occasion prior to birth. Visiting the studio for maternity photos is one option. We can also meet at a desired location – your home, a nature setting, city setting or some other special place to get professionally made portraits of your pregnancy.

Senior / Graduation Photos

It’s a lot of work and good fortune to graduate from high school, college or another school. You can capture the moment in your gown in the studio for a classic look. Or, we can find a location that proves the essence for the look you’re going after. Either way, we’ll work to make professional portraits for your memories.

Other Portrait Photos

There are countless other reasons for portraits. It could be a family reunion, for an online dating profile, visiting Los Angeles, just because, and so on. LA Portrait Studio can help capture special moments in portraits by making great photos for you.

Studio Location

The studio is in Glendale, CA, and serves the greater Los Angeles area. Feel free to inquire with any questions via the contact page.

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